MyIR is one of the products in the Ultraprep suite and is used in the preparation of a patient for an interventional radiology procedure.


How it works

Home office image, with MyIR on PC, tablet and smartphone.

When the decision to treat is made the patient or parent is given a violet-coloured MyIR patient card detailing both their hospital’s contact information and concise instructions on how to create their account and access the assessment program.

After creating an Ultramed account using their date of birth and unique NHS number, patients are directed to the Ultraprep landing page and navigate to the MyIR program. Here, they complete a comprehensive assessment of their general health and medical history via a straightforward, user-friendly interface. Once the assessment is completed, the patient submits it digitally to the endoscopy unit as an automatically generated Clinical Summary, where it is reviewed by the relevant professionals in the Interventional Radiology Unit and any tests or preparation is organised.

The clinical summary report automatically highlights any areas of concern, allowing the pre-emptive identification of any additional tests patients may need as well as flagging up those with complex co-morbidities who will need further face-to-face consultations.


Key Benefits

pages of clinical summary report
  • Developed specifically with IR procedures in mind; ideal for use in the preparation of Angiography, Angioplasty, Biliary Drainage and Stenting, Biopsy, Central Venous Access, Fibroids, Nephrostomy, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, Ureteric Stenting and Vertebral Compression Fractures.

  • The assessment can be completed from home and without a hospital appointment, allowing rapid screening of low-risk patients and more focus on high-risk patients.

  • Anticoagulation medicines can be safely and effectively managed, enabling efficient completion of therapeutic procedures and reducing the need for repeat appointments and on the day cancellations.

  • MyIR allows the accurate pre-procedure assessment of IR patients, decreasing the cancellation rate on the day of the procedure. This increases IR unit capacity, improving efficiency and saving money.

  • MyIR allows for better planning and throughput of patient operations, improving and reducing the RTT (referral to treatment time) pathway, especially if one-stop pre-procedure assessment is used.

  • Our products are developed with both the clinicians and patients in mind; The latest version of MyIR includes automation of ICD10 Codes to optimise income.

interventional radiology assessment pathway using MyIR

MyIR is cloud-based, so is able to be fully integrated into existing IT systems without complex or time-consuming overhaul - hospitals and trusts only need to provide us with a valid email address for setup. 

We also provide a kiosk service at an additional cost - to enquire, please contact [email protected] for more information.