Patient Driven Online PreOperative

& Pre-Procedural Assessment


Ultramed is a pioneering health technology company, placing innovation and first-class patient experience at the forefront of strategy. Combining clinical NHS executive experience with international design expertise, we provide elegant, patient-focused solutions to common problems. Over the past four years, we have developed a suite of online patient assessment programs under the Ultraprep suite. The programs offer a cloud-hosted, online preoperative assessment and pre-procedure assessment for a variety of different specialities and departments.

Prior to an operation or procedure, the patient creates a secure Ultramed account and inputs their data online, giving them the option to complete their assessment remotely from the comfort of their own home instead of having to attend a dedicated appointment. In addition to the patient benefits, the Ultraprep suite of programs dramatically enhances hospital processes, without the usual complex integration requirements such platforms require, ultimately minimising associated costs and freeing up resources for hospitals and the healthcare professionals who work there.

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NICE - Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies

MyPreOp Case Study - Download Here



Why Go Digital?



"Our values haven’t changed, but our world has. So the NHS needs to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who serve them."  

- NHS, Five Year Forward View

More and more people are taking responsibility and using healthcare apps and software to be empowered, conscious and self-aware curators of their own wellbeing, and our healthcare services should reflect and embrace this shift. The Paperless 2020 initiative within the NHS is just the start in terms of how digitising certain processes can benefit patients, healthcare professionals and and hospitals alike; as well as allowing patients more freedom, a digital pre-procedure assessment process prevents the administrative 'bottlenecking' associated with traditional one-on-one appointments, freeing up valuable clinician time. As a result the platform dramatically enhances hospital processes without complex integration requirements, ultimately minimising associated costs and saving the hospital as a whole time and money.

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Elephant kiosks are delighted to be partners of Ultramed who provide MyPreOp, the award-winning innovative online preoperative assessment program where patients enter their own information’.



Ultramed is thrilled to have been awarded the 2019 Innovation Award for anaesthesia, critical care and pain for MyPreOp. In 2018 Ultramed was awarded Medilink South West Healthcare Business Award for outstanding achievement - our third Medilink award over the last few years, amongst others from the Cornwall Business Awards and the Federation of Small Businesses. We hope to continue our work offering digital solutions for common problems within trusts and hospitals and bringing accessible healthcare into the future.

Crown Commercial Supplier

The Ultraprep suite of products is now a Crown Commercial Service supplier through the G-Cloud 10 framework on the Digital Marketplace. Our cloud-hosted software went live on Monday 2nd July 2018. Click the image below to find us on the marketplace! 


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