Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPreOp?
MyPreOp is an online preoperative assessment process, which can be completed via computer, tablet/iPad or smartphone. You will be asked to provide the same information as during a face to face preoperative assessment. It can help speed up the preparations for your operation, so that it can happen sooner.
Why is it better than an electronic form?
MyPreOp has a clear and easy-to-use interface. It has branching questions which means that follow up questions can be asked if required. This allows for more detailed information to be received by the hospital to help best plan your care. Paper based or simple electronic form systems do not allow for this level of detail to be submitted, thus MyPreOp is a more successful solution.

Why am I being offered MyPreOp to complete?
If there is a queue in the preoperative assessment service and you cannot be seen promptly, then you may be offered the option of completing MyPreOp. This is a new and innovative preop assessment program. It is not compulsory for you to use this service.
I’m worried about my operation and giving the right information
Needing to have an operation may be worrying, but ensuring that everyone is as prepared as possible for your operation will help. MyPreOp is the start of those preparations. Your hospital has a helpline number that you can ring if you want to talk to somebody from the preoperative assessment team. You might also be able to get a friend or relative to help you complete MyPreOp on the computer.
What happens if I can’t do this online if I’m asked to?
When you have seen the doctor/surgeon and discussed having an operation, you will be asked to go to the preoperative assessment unit. There you will be seen by a nurse if one is available. If not, you may be given the option to go home and complete MyPreOp online. If you are unable to complete this online you can phone the hospital’s Preoperative Assessment Service for advice or to book an appointment to see the nurse.

How is the information I send then checked?
When you use MyPreOp, it is important that the information you submit is checked by a registered nurse. This is because the registered nurse needs to make the clinical decisions about any tests or further actions that are needed in preparing for your operation. The nurse will also review the reason for your operation and your paper or electronic health records to ensure that all necessary preoperative preparations have been done. This reduces the chances of your operation being postponed because not all of the necessary tests have been done.

Who looks after my data and makes sure it is secure?
MyPreOp is hosted on secure servers that are not part of any particular NHS organisation. This is similar to the way confidential data is held in many other non-health related organisations. Your login details are confidential using your name, date of birth, NHS number and a unique password known only by you. When you choose to submit your information, it is transmitted securely to your health care provider. Once it arrives with the health care provider, your information is then the responsibility of that organisation. This is the same as any other part of your health record.
Can I update my information?
Yes, by logging back into your account, you can update your information and resend it. This means that you can keep your account for future use if required. A record is kept of each set of information that is sent to any particular health provider, and that health provider will also keep a record as part of your health record.
What happens if I lose my login details?
MyPreOp has the ability to send password reminders or reset passwords if you lose you login details. Your health care provider can remind you of your NHS number if you lose that. Your email address will be required in order to send a new password or reminder.
MyPreOp suggests what tests to do, how does it do this?
MyPreOp asks you a series of questions that you answer to give the information usually required before an operation. The NICE guidance on which pre-operative tests to do has been incorporated into the questions you are asked, some of which will depend on the answers you give to other questions. However, when the information is reviewed by a registered nurse, he or she will decide which tests are actually to be done.
I’ve never heard of MyPreOp, where has it come from?
MyPreOp is an online program that has been developed by an experienced anaesthetist working with an award-winning designer from Ultramed Ltd. The questions that you are asked are based on best medical practice from a number of hospitals in the UK and internationally. They are all questions that are routinely asked of patients who are being preoperatively assessed. The anaesthetist who wrote the clinical questions was also involved in the development of the original NICE guidelines on pre-operative tests and these have been woven into the program so that it can suggest which tests you might need. However, your information is reviewed by a registered nurse who will make the decision about what you actually need and then organise it to happen.

I’ve done MyPreOp online so why do I still have to come to the hospital?
When you complete the MyPreOp process online your information is reviewed by a registered nurse. If he or she sees that your operation is complex or that you have other health problems, you might be asked to come back to the hospital for an appointment to see the nurse or possibly an anaesthetist. This is to make sure that you and the hospital are as well prepared for your operation as possible. This ensures that the entire process leading up to your operation, your operation itself and the period of your recovery and discharge, is as safe as possible for you.