Hospitals often struggle with preoperative assessment and the assessment of patients for procedures in endoscopy suites, cardiac catheter laboratories and interventional radiology theatres. Large numbers of patients with varying risks and priorities can be hard to manage, creating bottlenecks, pressures on staff and huge deviations in Referral to Treatment Time.

Ultraprep allows a consistent, efficient approach to be applied to these different assessments. Patients create an Ultramed account online and fill out their details in the relevant program; once complete, their information is shared securely with the healthcare professionals providing their care in a detailed digital output. This Clinical Summary report provides the reviewing clinician with an overview of the key issues, suggested pre-procedure tests and a place where they can record their findings and decisions. These can be added to the patient’s health record in their Electronic Patient Record or their paper notes. Patients can update their information at any time if they need another procedure or operation, and completed information is saved and automatically populates the other programs within Ultraprep.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduced preoperative assessment costs and increased capacity
  • Decreased cancellations on the day in endoscopy, cardiac cath labs and the IR suite
  • A single process across the hospital for preoperative and pre-procedure assessments
  • No upfront capital cost and procurement from the G-Cloud 8 framework, Digital Marketplace
  • No complex IT integration with your existing systems - just a secure email address is required.
  • A big step in the move from paper to digital with patients empowered to enter their own health information
  • Income optimisation from the automated generation of ICD10 codes.


The programs in the Ultraprep suite can be used on their own. However, using the full suite allows a healthcare provider to apply consistent processes when a care pathway could require more than one procedure (for example, an endoscopy followed by a surgical operation). by using Ultraprep, the patient will only have to provide their information once, saving nursing time and streamlining the process whilst also making things simpler for the patient.