MyCardio is an intuitive pre-procedure assessment program that patients complete remotely via computer, tablet or smart phone. It allows rapid deployment into healthcare settings and can be run alongside current IT systems.

MyCardio is one of the products in the Ultraprep suite and is used in the preparation of a patient for a cardiac investigation usually carried out in a cardiac catheter laboratory.

The specific cardiac investigations are:

  • Cardiac angiography
  • Cardioversion
  • Pacemaker inserted or changed
  • Electrical studies within your heart
  • Transoesophageal echo
  • Stress echo test

Patients create an Ultramed account using their personal details and unique NHS number, then complete a comprehensive assessment via a user-friendly interface. Once patients have completed MyCardio, they share their data with the healthcare provider performing the operation, generating a detailed digital output and a ‘Clinical Summary’ report. This information is then reviewed by a registered nurse or a qualified member from the pre-procedure team.

The Clinical Summary report automatically highlights any areas of concern, suggesting further investigations and enabling a greater focus to be directed at high risk patients. This makes MyCardio a powerful screening program. A new feature has been introduced which is the automation of the ICD10 Codes to optimise income.


It allows rapid screening and assessment of low risk patients allowing resources to be focused on high risk patients.


MyCardio allows the accurate pre-procedure assessment of cardiac patients therefore decreasing the cancellation rate on the day of the procedure. This increases cath lab capacity, improving efficiency and saving money. 


With MyCardio, pre-procedure units can work more efficiently by focusing registered nurses time on clinical decision making rather than data collection. 

When the ‘decision to treat’ is made the patient is given a red MyCardio patient card including the hospital details & contact information. The patient’s identification label, including their NHS number, is stuck to the front of the card in the space provided. The card gives concise instructions to access the assessment program.

The patient then completes MyCardio, the Clinical Summary report is reviewed in the cardiac procedure unit and any tests are organised if required. Patients with complex co-morbidities or having complex surgery are rapidly identified as they will still require a face-to-face consultation with the nurse..

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