Accelerating into the future!


The corks are popping at Ultramed today as we celebrate being accepted onto the Digital Health Accelerator programme, which provides 12 months of support with the aim of fast-tracking the implementation of new technology into the NHS.

This is the first time the Digital Health Accelerator programme has been made available for companies outside London, having been extended to include the South West, East Midlands and Manchester.  The programme is a collaborative approach designed to:

-          improve patient outcomes and experience by solving problems in care delivery using digital solutions

-          generate economic growth by supporting innovators to develop and market digital health solutions

-          contribute to a strong evidence base of the health and economic benefits of digital health.

A statement provided for the launch of the Digital Health Accelerator programme said, ‘The use of digital health technologies is being slowed by challenges including the lack of a clear procurement route in the NHS, and difficulty gaining access to clinicians and patients who can help shape products and explain needs and constraints at an early stage.’

Ultramed will be working with a ‘Navigator’, an experienced professional from the NHS who understands the needs of the NHS and will guide us through the procurement process for the NHS helping us gain access to clinicians and patients to ensure our products are fit for purpose and easily adopted.

In addition, we will be receiving specialist training, support with product development, opportunities to meet experts from business, clinical and governments plus opportunities to showcase our products to NHS decision makers and influencers.

Previous projects that have benefitted from the Digital Accelerator include a smartphone app to slash A&E wait times and a digital lifestyle management platform claiming to reverse Type 2 diabetes. 

We will be focussing our support on MyPreOp, the online health record that is generated and owned by the patient.  Hosted in the Cloud and shared with the healthcare provider via a dedicated email address, this approach frees up PreOp Assessment clinical staff from gathering health data, enabling a quicker review and more time to focus on patients with complex needs.

Ultramed joins one of only 34 high potential start-ups and SME’s chosen for the Digital Accelerator this year, having successfully negotiated a rigorous selection process including a panel interview.

This is further confirmation that the Ultraprep suite of products really have hit the market at just the right time, with the focus on innovation and development firmly on patient managed healthcare systems using widely available technology.

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