Patient Information - FAQs and Troubleshooting


What is Ultraprep?

The programs in the Ultraprep suite work by collecting important information about your health before an operation or procedure and sharing it with the team involved with your care. The difference between this and a traditional face-to-face appointment is that through Ultraprep, you’re able to complete your assessment remotely and well in advance. This reduces waiting times for you, and makes it easier for the professionals involved in your care to plan effectively for your visits and preliminary tests (such as blood tests) as well as your post-operative planning and discharge.

By completing your preoperative assessment through us, you reduce the bottleneck effect created by the high demand associated with face-to-face appointments, freeing up hospital capacity and streamlining the preoperative process for both you and those caring for you.


How do I complete my assessment?

MyPreOp Patient Card

You should have been given a patient card by your hospital with a set of instructions on how to create your Ultramed health account. Please go to the web address provided on this card to access the right service; you won’t be able to access the Ultraprep suite through this website.



Once you’re there, click register and follow the instructions on-screen to create your Ultramed account.



Make sure you’ve entered all your information correctly, particularly your NHS number and date of birth as you’ll need these to login as a returning user. If you enter this information incorrectly it may mean you can’t sign into your account again in future and cause delays to your care. For this reason it’s recommended that you enter an email address to make it easier to recover your password.


Ultramed Landing Page


Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be brought to the Ultraprep Suite landing page. Simply click the program corresponding to your patient card (in this case, MyPreOp) and you’ll be taken to your online assessment.




Complete all the sections and then click the ‘send my information’ button at the bottom – the more information you give, the more equipped your clinicians will be to give you the best possible care. Remember that if you don’t submit your information in good time it may cause cause delays to your operation or procedure.



Once your information has been reviewed, the hospital will be in contact with you to confirm whether you need further investigations, or if you’re ready for your operation.


Having trouble?

I can’t create/access my account!

Make sure you’ve carefully followed all the instructions as detailed in the how to section above. It’s particularly important to make sure you’ve entered your NHS number and date of birth correctly as you’ll need these to login as a returning user. If you’re still having problems, or think you have made a mistake, please contact for assistance or call our office on 01872 248336. We will respond within one working day (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and Public Holidays). We can respond to email queries quicker, and can resolve the issue more easily through these channels.


I don't know how to answer some of the questions!

If you’re having trouble with some of the questions (e.g. the name and dose of your medicines, or allergies you can’t remember) or have any queries concerning what will happen at the hospital, these must be directed to the hospital rather than to Ultramed. Their contact details are present on the patient card you were given during your first consultation: